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Tips to Beat the Freshie 15


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  1. Drink lots of water
  • Always keeping a water bottle in your bag with you on campus is always a great idea! Staying hydrated is great for both your skin and body. A lot of times we think we are hungry, when really we just need to hydrate! Water suppresses those fleeting moments of wanting to snack.

 2. Keep healthy snacks in your dorm

  • Healthy, low calorie snacks like light butter popcorn, granola bars, and trail mix are great replacements for junk food. These are also treats you can easily store in your dorm, and then take with you on the go. They’ll be able to give you the energy you need to kill it in your classes!

   3. Find a gym buddy

  • It is a lot easier to have fun working out when you’re with a friend. Hitting the gym will be much easier and a better time with someone there going through it with you!

4. Try exercise classes

  • Whether it be cycling or zumba, exercising with a group class can be a blast! It’s a great place to mingle, learn new ways to work out, and to sweat all that stress away!

5. Try to walk or ride a bike most places

  • While driving to your building or taking a shuttle may be easy, walking or riding a bike are simple ways to burn calories throughout the day! You’ll get your steps in with some light exercise while going to class!

6. Think before you snack

  • It is totally normal to be stressed and want to reach for the closest sweets we can find. Think about why you may be doing this before hand, and if it is because you are feeling anxious or stressed, try finding new ways to relieve this. You can hang with friends, take a walk, or watch one of your favorite movies to help you feel better instead!

7. Use your meal swipes

  • Skipping out on meals can lead to snacking later on in the day, or eating your days worth of calories all at once. By eating spaced out, healthy meals you will feel more satisfied throughout the day. Having a healthy salad or sandwich is a great choice!

      8. Have a cheat day

  • Having a cheat day to eat all the yummy sweets and such will give you something to work for and look forward to. Fruit for dessert will eventually drive you insane, so there is no problem with giving yourself a day to indulge!

9. Beware of the liquid calories

  • Not everyone can drink their coffee black, however watch out for the amount of sugar inside some coffee drinks. Simplifying your Starbucks order can go a long way. An iced coffee with almond milk or nonfat latte are both great low calorie drinks. Also, stay away from those sugary drinks, like soda.

       10. Get your beauty sleep

  • A large amount of calories are burned when we sleep. Getting rest helps your body to recharge and for your metabolism to kick it into high gear. Getting at least seven hours of sleep a night will help to keep you energized. You will feel less of a need for caffeine, suppress cravings, and be prepared for your workouts and classes the next day!