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The 30 BEST Halloween Best Friend Costumes

  The 30 BEST Best Friend Costumes Costumes for yourself are great, but have you coordinated costumes with your bffs? Round up your bestfriends or your girlfriend for some of these fun costume ideas! Incorporated are costumes right from instagram, so you can be sure you’ll make a statement this Halloween. Any of these easy

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Tips to Beat the Freshie 15

  Drink lots of water Always keeping a water bottle in your bag with you on campus is always a great idea! Staying hydrated is great for both your skin and body. A lot of times we think we are hungry, when really we just need to hydrate! Water suppresses those fleeting moments of wanting

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70+ Romantic Valentine’s Nail Art Designs

  Valentine’s day, also known as valentine’s day, is a national holiday in Europe, America and Oceania. The origin of the holiday is very many, but generally is the Roman saint valentine was executed, was later designated as “valentine’s day” is more common. In the third century AD, the Roman empire suffered from a general

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