5 Home Improvement Tips For Adding Value to Your Home


Your Home 696x464 - 5 Home Improvement Tips For Adding Value to Your Home

Whether you’ve bought a new home or you have been staying in the house for a while, the quickest method of increasing your home’s value is by making a few home improvements that won’t cost you an arm but will immediately make a difference to the overall look. It is better not to make upgrades on impulse and plan them strategically. Make a list and categorize which ones deserve preference, how much they will cost, including the money and time.

Changing Light Fixtures

Changing Light Fixtures - 5 Home Improvement Tips For Adding Value to Your Home
A simple and inexpensive project is replacing your home’s lighting. Updated light fixtures can make a substantial difference. Not only can it make your house appear contemporary, but also brighter. You can also think about replacing your outlet switch plates.

Painting The Kitchen Cupboards

You can update outdated dark kitchen cupboards by adding a fresh coat of paint. Old kitchen cupboards don’t necessarily need to be replaced. If the doors and frames are still structurally sound, you can merely clean them and add some paint. All you need is some cleaner, sandpaper, and paint. Sunny colors work well for sprucing up the room and making it appear brighter.


Re Painting - 5 Home Improvement Tips For Adding Value to Your Home
Among the easiest ways to boost the value of your home is to add a fresh coat of paint to some of the rooms or the exterior to have them looking new.

But be mindful of your choice of paint color. It’s best to consider neutral colors since they have a more significant appeal to potential buyers if you are contemplating on putting your house on the market at a later stage. It’s also not a wise choice to go for brown or terracotta for interior colors since buyers generally don’t respond well to either. Also, if painting is not your forte when it comes to DIY projects, you may want to use professional house painters to take care of this for you.

Replacing The Doorknobs

The smaller details can make a substantial difference when it comes to placing your home on the market. One detail that is often overlooked is doorknobs.

Add some flair to the interior look of your home by replacing the old doorknobs on your kitchen cabinets and doors. The best part about this type of upgrade is that it won’t cost you a fortune, but you’ll be able to see the difference. Just ensure that all accessories added must fit the style of your house.

The Small Improvements Can Make A Lasting Impression

The Small Improvements Can Make A Lasting Impression - 5 Home Improvement Tips For Adding Value to Your Home
Most homeowners are torn between doing upgrades to their house or improving the décor. But you can do a bit of both. You can start by drafting two lists containing the updates for yourself and the ones to boost your home’s value. The upgrades for the house can include things like replacing light fixtures, old faucets, painting of the kitchen cupboards, etc. The enhancements for yourself can be anything from new window treatments, artwork to replacing furniture pieces. Once you’ve taken care of a big-ticket item on the list, you can focus on smaller projects like buying a small lamp or replacing the doorknobs for the next month or two. Stick to doing at least one upgrade per month until you’re happy with the overall improvement.

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